• phoebe
• 21 years old ('98)
• she/her
• california
• chinese (hk)
• scorpio sun, scorpio moon, libra rising
• infj
• graphic design, web design, and photography

hi, i'm phoebe!

i'm carat, seventeen care me! i love ot13, art, cats, sleeping, gardening, and reading, and i hate cilantro, spiders, and willfully ignorant people!

before you follow:
don't follow if you follow the standard dfi criteria; if you are anti-hong kong; if you don't like my tweets (i am not nice and i have lots of opinions!) or what i retweet (50% seventeen/kpop; 50% art/aesthetic/other). more byf info here!

if we become mutuals:
please t/w spiders, corpses and dead bodies, screamers, or jumpscares! softblock instead of unfollow to break the mutual.

carat since 06-15-2015 ♡

i own all versions of all korean albums!
+ love&letter special edition
+ ymmday set the sun, vernon signed
+ ymmdawn eternal sunshine, hoshi signed
+ an ode begin, jeonghan signed

carat bong v1
carat bong v2
5th anniversary shirt - hoshi

• all jpn albums all versions







⇢ ∞

kcon la 2017 (+ artist engagement, red carpet)

kcon la 2018 (+ artist engagement)

music bank in hong kong

kcon la 2019

ode to you in los angeles

ode to you in san jose (+ vip silver)

i probably won't follow back if:
you talk about groups i don't stani don't see us interacting in the futureyou're following/in a mutual with users i have blocked
if you've been softblocked:
our interests driftedyou're putting fandom drama or bad opinions on my tli don't like your tweets and i've never talked to you before; orit's been a long time since we last interacted

i love talking to my mutuals, but i'm really slow with conversation and also bad at initiating. feel free to interact with me or my tweets freely no matter how long we have been mutuals, and my dms are always open if you'd like to get to know me better or vent!

to break the mutual, i choose to softblock instead of unfollow because i don't want people thinking i'm in it for the follower count or ratio, but feel free to follow back if you want to keep seeing my tweets - i just probably won't follow you again unless we interact more. no hard feelings.

hoshi ♡ seventeen
since 08-13-2015
eunbin ♡ clc
since 2017
sohye ♡ actress/ioi
since 2017
minkyeung ♡ pristin/hinapia
since 2019

i also listen to
cosmic girls, gugudan, red velvet, blackpink, itzy, dia, baek yerin, chungha, twice, cignature, iz*one, elris, orange caramel, after school, jooyoung, nct, etc.

non-kpop music:
• vince staples
• rina sawayama
• rei ami
• lolo zouai
• the 1975
• rex orange county
• jorja smith
• mitski
• hablot brown
• dan croll
+ etc . . .

shows and movies:
my tv time is available per request! :)
i haven't been watching anything lately :(

games: animal crossing (cf, nl, pc, nh), tomodachi life (feel free to ask for my friend codes!)

books: check out my goodreads :)

(instagram, discord, and kkt available upon request)